General Profile

I am a comparativist working on political institutions. Specifically, I am interested in legislatures, political parties, coalitions, and electoral systems. My main focus of interest is European politics, with a particular emphasis on Portugal.



Since 2014, I have been involved as coordinator in the PATHWAYS project, a cooperative international endeavor on the political representation of citizens of immigrant origin in seven European Democracies. Over the past decades, European societies have grown increasingly ethnically diverse. Immigration is one of the most important challenges facing Europe today. Social and political participation constitutes the ultimate expression of integration in society. Our project seeks to advance knowledge on descriptive representation of citizens of immigrant origin at the national and regional levels over a twenty year period. Additionally, the project adds an innovative dimension by examining substantive representation of citizens of immigrant origin at the national level. We examine participation patterns in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and United Kingdom. Our team includes over 20 scholars, working in several participant institutions, led by the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), University of Bamberg (Germany), University of Leicester (United Kingdom), and SciencesPo (France). The project is funded by British ESRC, the Dutch NWO, the French ANR, and the German DFG, under the Open Research Area (ORA+) scheme. The principal investigators are Prof. Manlio Cinalli (SciencesPo), Prof. Laura Morales (Leicester), Prof. Thomas Saalfeld (Bamberg), and Prof. Jean Tillie (Netherlands).

Work in Progress

Legislative Bellwethers: An Integrated Approach to Legislative Debates – with Max Goplerud (Harvard) and Miguel Won (INESC-ID).

For Many are Called but Few are Chosen: Ambition and Seniority in European Parliamentary Democracies – with Jérémy Dodeigne (Louvain).

Parliamentary Questions in Comparative Perspective: An Empirical Analysis – with Lucas Geese and Carsten Schwemmer (Bamberg).

Committee Assignment as Delegation in Parliamentary Democracies: A Case Study of the United Kingdom (2001-2015) – with Thomas Saalfeld and Carsten Schwemmer (Bamberg).

Presidential powers, the Economy, and Government Survival in Semi-Presidential Regimes – with Luís Aguiar-Conraria (Minho) and Pedro C. Magalhães (ICS-UL).